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What’s Your Child’s Learning Style? Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

Five toddlers are in a playgroup. Within the group, Emily learns to say the names of the shapes first. Jeff is the first to climb the monkey bars while his twin sister Kim watches cautiously from the sidelines before diving into any new adventure. The fourth child, Steve, can usually be found studying board books in the corner of the room while Jaclyn delights in hands-on play with mud, sand, and water.

How to Spark Creativity in Children by Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

Creativity is all about expressing oneself. It is all about being imaginative and trying new things. There is a misconception that creativity is limited to arts, crafts, music, dance, and writing. But creativity has no bounds and can be expressed in other areas of life as well. It is sometimes assumed that children are more creative while others lack the talent. However, that is not the case and each one of us (including children) is capable of expressing ourselves in a unique way.

Building Literacy Everyday – What to Expect in Preschool? Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

The ability to read, write, speak, listen, and understand starts at birth. These skills, when done effectively are considered the key to success in school and practical life. Researchers also agree that the time frame from birth to the age of 8 years is crucial for child’s development.

Start the New Year Right – Encourage Kids to Read by Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

A New Year has started and most of us have resolved to make ourselves better in one way or other in the year 2017. Although most New Years resolutions focus primarily on developing healthy habits, we at Montessori Kids Universe have another one for our parents – to foster reading habits in young children that encourage them to be better readers.  

Divide and Conquer - Chores for the Little Ones by Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

Doing chores is (and should) be a tradition in a family. Children learn responsibility by doing their chores and of course, by sharing chores with the family members.

Not sure where to start and which chores to give your little ones? Don’t worry! We’re here to help and make doing chores a positive experience for all.

Separation Anxiety in Children by Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land

For many children, saying goodbye to a parent or guardian brings tantrums, screams, wails, and tears. Young children are in a close relationship with their parents and are often hesitant about leaving them or seeing them go somewhere – even if they are just leaving the room for a minute.

Montessori Kids Universe - Sugar Land Opens November 7th!!

Montessori Kids Universe, an authentic Montessori school enhanced by the only Reggio Emilia enrichment program in Fort Bend, will open its doors to students on Monday, November 7! Serving pre-schoolers ages 6 months - 6 years, the brand new school features Montessori-certified teachers, the unique DaVinci Kids program that introduces STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) at the pre-school level, and a proven language arts program that is known to place students two grade levels above their peers.