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On Tuesday October 20, 2015, Lennar, a leading builder of new homes in Houston, presented a $10,000 grant from the Lennar Foundation to Dunn Elementary, a Title 1 school they have partnered with since 2013.  The partnership began as part of Lennar’s Focused Acts of Caring initiative through which Lennar Associates around the country work together to address the ongoing needs of the communities in which they live and work. 

Aldine ISD - Courts’ Students Work Feverishly to Cross Goal Line!

With only minutes to go and determination at its highest - Mr. Benjamin Courts’ fourth period government class raced to reach a $300 goal to benefit Houston SPCA.   This was  part of a student service project under the sponsorship of Mr. Courts (designed to align with the course’s Civil Involvement TEKS).  Students  went door to door on campus gathering donations and bombarding teachers to the absolute end. 

Aldine I.S.D. - MAN-UP MENTOR Program for Young Men

MAN-UP Co-Sponsor/Volunteer (Mr. Carl Simpson) brought his A-Game to Thursday’s session: College Readiness.  The mini-lesson focused on the cost of higher education as well as commitment. 

Students learned the various levels of education and the equivalent certifications. Students were surprised to discover the average salaries of people on each level of education; learning one of the values of education-the monetary value. Key terms relating to higher education were discussed.

Hands down – today’s lesson was a powerful lesson!

Dream Big! And She Did! - Aldine I.S.D.

…  A New Job is like a Blank Book  …                                                                                   

…  and you are the Author   …

Hall’s very own  …  Mrs. Ashley (Johnson) Jenkins  … has taken a position with Spring ISD.  She has been hired as the Director of Secondary ELA.

Part of Ashley’s role will be to provide leadership and campus support for the advancement of student achievement in her content area.  The Director develops the curricula to support the assigned content, provides coaching to campuses and ensures alignment of assessments.

Aldine ISD - MABAH (Mexican American Bar Association of Houston) held its first Mentor Leadership

MABAH’s liaison, Attorney Caroline Ortuzar-Diaz, along with Judge Joe Villarreal and Judge Frank P. Pierce shared their stories of hard work, sacrifice, and persistence which lead totheir individual successes. Additionally, participants engaged in an ice-breaker activity which
allowed them introduce themselves in a manner that was comfortable and reflective. Beginning in October, students will use journals as reflection tools. This will allow for measurement of self-growth and improvement.  Well … SON … I’ll tell you … Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair …


Today’s MAN-UP session continued with readings from Hill Harper’s Letters to a Young Brother.  Participants completed the introduction and the first chapter of the book.  The sections focused on teaching youth that they are the latest and greatest models of human beings.  Harper’s book encourages young men to be confident in their ability to reach personal goals.

Aldine ISD - Mrs. Deniece Allen said farewell to Hall and Hello to Johnson Elementary School.

Aldien ISD

Mrs. Deniece Allen said  farewell to Hall and Hello to Johnson Elementary School.  Mrs. Allen received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Houston – Downtown and her Teacher Certification from Houston Baptist University.  Before leaving to become a special education teacher at Johnson – she was Hall’s registrar.

Mrs. Allen will always be remembered for her energy and beautiful gracious smile.  Her personality stood out!  Hall will never be the same. 


MAN-UP - The Power of Mentoring - Aldine I.S.D.

man up

Hall’s MAN-UP Mentor Group began the 2014-15 year with focused mini-lessons by veteran mentors Anthony Bell, Gilberto Pringle, and Dave Threatt.  

Kudos to Counselor Carl Simpson who has volunteered his time (after school) to assist with Hall’s support group for young men!  Welcome Mr. Simpson!

The program will focus on history and literacy while implementing powerful lessons on various issues that minority youth face.