Moving Your Pet - by HoustonNewcomerGuides.com

move your pet

Through all the hussle of your move to Houston, do not forget about caring for your pets and being sure that they have a smooth transition as well.  Making sure your furry friends are taken care of before, during and after the move might be a motion that you accidentally miss.  Many times people will board their pets on the day of the move to avoid the stress of all the people and new surroundings.

Bring in Spring this weekend in Houston - By HoustonNewcomerGuides.com

woodlands waterway art festival

In town for a visit and overwhelmed by all the things to do?  We have made a small list of some events for you so that you can be sure to enjoy bringing in the Spring season and enjoy our beautiful Houston weather as well.  Take the family and have some crawfish, fly a kite and take in the art! 

10 Facts about Houston you may not know! - By HoustonNewcomerGuides.com

City of Houston

We are excited that you are concidering Houston to be your new home - and thought that you may enjoy these interesting facts.  Some things you may or may not know, but I think our particular favorite of this list would have to be number 3.  Can you believe how large our city is!  

Fact 1
When the Apollo 11 moon lander touched down, Neil Armstrong said, "Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed," making "Houston" the first word said on the moon.

Fact 2
Houston is larger as a city than the entire state of Maryland.

Spring Break Adventures in Houston - By HoustonNewcomerGuides.com

Childrens Museum of Houston

Moving to Houston can be especially great if you have children.  With a city as wide and exciting as ours, you don't even have to travel on your Spring Break to have a great time. Plenty of venues and things to do, arts, crafts, museums and parks - you name it!   Your stay-cation is right here in our beautiful city, and your kids can't wait! 

Things to do in HOUSTON: 

Children's Museum 

Houston Zoo

Schlitterbahn, Galveston Island