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How to Stimulate Even the Youngest Infant by Montessori Kids Universe

Many of us have heard the term infant stimulation but don’t know what it is or why it is important. 

Infant stimulation is using specific activities to arouse babies’ senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. This helps in improving their attention span, curiosity, and memory which enables them to reach developmental milestones faster. 

Recent research on children’s brain development has shown that infants’ environments have a dramatic effect on their growth. This impacts how well they think and learn as both children and adults.  

Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy is NOW HIRING!

Westlake is hiring an Early Childhood Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree and Texas Teachers Certification.  Candidate must enjoy working with early childhood students and understand the potential, interests, and behaviors of young children. Candidate must also agree with our mission statement and serve as a strong Christian leader.

Montessori Kids Universe Encouraging Independence – 9 Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

“I’ll do it myself!” If you’re a parent of a preschooler, you’ve likely heard this a thousand times.  

Of course, it’s usually when you are running late that 4-year-old Cathy decides to put on her own socks and shoes. So you help her – but this time only! 

Preschool experts say that children should be encouraged whenever they wish to exert their independence. Even though they may need plenty of parental help, preschoolers are typically able to do more than we expect from them.  

So how can we as parents encourage their independence?  

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory students had another successful showing at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo with four of their students receiving the top award of Finalist.

Cora finalist: Cora Kuperus in 1st grade

Isabella finalist: Isabella Cole in Kindergarten

Katelyn finalist: Katelyn Benoit in 7th grade

Sasha finalist: Sasha Golovine in 5th grade

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory Students Attend Houston Area Model United Nations 42

Students from high schools across Texas convened at the University of Houston last week for the Houston Area Model United Stations 42, and Calvary upper school students represented Calvary well. In preparation for the event, students in grades 9-12 researched topics ranging from the prevention of zoonotic diseases to the international refugee crisis, and wrote position papers which enabled them to debate resolutions in replica committees of the United Nations.  Freshmen and sophomores represented the country of Iceland, while juniors and seniors represented Lebanon.

Calvary Episcopal Preparatory Earns Recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Regional Competition

Two Calvary students earned recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing regional competition. Grace Stewart, attached, received an Honorable Mention for her piece, “Through the Eye of the Lens.”  Grace studies art at Calvary with Ms. Mary Jean Duval. Isabel Beale received a Gold Key for her short story, “The Head that Split,” which she wrote as part of a project in Ms. Lauren Gant’s English class.