Greenspoint District

Greenspoint Houston TX
16945 Northchase Drive Suite 1900
Houston, TX 77060
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Greenspoint’s energy is undeniable. This dynamic community takes pride in its proven ability to build partnerships that make Greenspoint an important part of Houston ’s economy. Greenspoint’s success is the result of quality planning, resourceful people and metropolitan commercial development. The District understands economic development and serves as a resource for developers and investors who are interested in moving to this diverse market. 

Greenspoint boasts a thriving business center as well as a variety of retail, residential, dining and recreation options. Each of these areas has unique needs, and the Greenspoint District was created to advocate on behalf of the area, serving as the “voice” for Greenspoint. 

In 1990, commercial property owners realized that for the area to experience positive growth, it needed an organization dedicated to coordinating and guiding this developing community. More than 100 of these property owners petitioned the Texas Legislature in support of such an organization, and in 1991, the Greenspoint District was born. 

Two decades later, Greenspoint is a flourishing, successful, diverse community that maintains its Texas warmth while pursuing an exciting future in a progressive city.