You have something every home buyer wants - Meritage Homes

It's the ability to offer them an ENERGY STAR® Meritage home that saves up to 50% on energy costs, and allows them to afford an even larger home than they thought.

As you know, homebuyers like an array of styles and floor plans. However, every homebuyer wants a home that saves them money. Our homes have diverse styles and designs to please every homebuyer, but one thing that is uniquely similar is the way we build each and every one of them. We build homes the way they can, and should, be built—with a system of energy- and money-saving features that work together to save as much as 50% on energy costs. 

From spray-foam insulation to solar energy options, a Meritage home has almost 40 different energy-saving features. Click here to view, and share, videos and facts about our energy-saving features every homebuyer wants in a home.

Meritage Energy Star