Moving Medical Tips - Organize Your Healthcare When You Relocate


Moving to a new city, such as Houston, can be very stressful.  Make sure you take into concideration you and your families healthcare options and history so you are prepared when you make it to Houston.

Medical services have kept pace with Houston’s burgeoning population. Residents can find family doctors, specialists, emergency clinics and award-winning hospitals close to home. Since many facilities are new, they offer the latest in advanced cardiac care, cancer research and healing, trauma care, sports medicine and more. Neighborhood emergency centers and clinics provide prompt medical care, treating injuries, illnesses and giving evaluations and physicals, often with extended hours and minimal wait times. 

Specialty care centers that handle substance abuse, smoking cessation, weight loss and eating disorders are also located nearby, and so are wellness centers to support health maintenance. 


Physician Referral

Free physician referral services are available throughout the greater Houston area and work with new families to match their specific needs and location with doctors and services in the area, to provide a number of recommendations. 


Moving Medical Tips

1.  If you have a special healthcare need or requirement, refer to and call the healthcare advertisers in this publication to get information. 

2.  Call the offices of all your current physicians/dentists and tell them that you are moving. Ask for referrals they might be willing to make. 

3.  If you have already selected physicians/dentists, ask your current physician to forward copies of the records of each of your family members to your new doctor.

4 . If you have not yet selected physicians/dentists, ask your current physician/dentist to make copies of pertinent records of all your family members for you to take with you. Pack these records in your suitcase, not in the moving van, so they will be readily available in case of an emergency. 

5.  It is extremely important that you get the immunization records for your children before you move. You cannot enroll your children in local schools without these records. You will also need certified copies of your children’s birth certificates as well as the addresses of your children’s former schools. 

6 . If you are a member of a healthcare HMO/PPO plan, or have a prescription drug card, be sure to notify the company of your moving plans. The insurance company should be able to provide you with a list of physicians/ healthcare facilities in the area. 

7.  Pack an emergency first aid kit to take en route to your new home. Items such as bandages, thermometer, pain killers or aspirin, antihistamine, first-aid ointment, tweezers and decongestant can come in handy.