ENERGY STAR and your Houston Home Search -

Every one sees the ENERGY STAR logo everywhere, and can only assume that this must be symbolic of a “greener” way of living.  But what does ENERGY STAR mean exactly?  For starters, ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that helps people save money and protect our environment and climate with energy efficient ideas and products.   The idea is to reduce energy usage and reduce pollution by providing these energy efficiency standards that our homes can meet.  With the proper products and procedures, our homes can be money savers and also help protect our environment.

Living in Houston, the thought of having an energy efficient home has increasingly become one of the main standards of your home search.   With fluctuating temperatures, one of the main concerns is how well your home is insulated.   Over the years, homebuilders have made saving your pocket book from outstanding electric bills key.   Find a list of homebuilders here in Houston that work earnestly to provide the best energy standards to their customers.

There are also plenty of things you can do to aid your home in being more energy efficent.  Check out this list of ideas that help you save energy at home.  There are also plenty of products on the market you can purchase that meet the ENERGY STAR standards. If you find yourself making improvements to your home to help make you more energy efficent you can qualify for a Federal Tax Credit (for Consumer Energy Efficiency).  

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