Building on Dreams - Fort Bend Independent School District

The 8th grade class of Fort Bend Independent School District’s (FBISD) Baines Middle School (BMS) was treated to a full day of career development advice at their annual Career Day on Thursday, February 5. Dressed to impress, one student was overheard telling another, “It feels like a high school reunion!”  Throughout the day, each student enjoyed a game and a presentation where they explored how to balance a career with an acceptable lifestyle.  In addition, each attended three “break-out” small group sessions to discuss a career they have already shown interest in. Finally, the large gym was turned into an impressive exhibition hall with students able to ask questions and discuss professions they may not have yet considered. Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre was the Keynote Speaker.

At least 36 professions were represented in the small group “break-out” sessions, giving the kids a chance to ask questions and get a first-hand perspective on a variety of career choices. From Pastry Chef and small business owner, Nadine Moon, owner of Who Made The Cake, to Geoff Kaplan, Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer for the NFL’s Houston Texans, there were around 50 guest speakers from an impressive variety of professions.


In the Exhibition Hall, Exxon was represented for the fifth year in a row. Bill Ramsey was on hand, encouraging students to be flexible. “Many students don’t realize that medical schools find chemical engineers highly appealing. Chemical Engineers have completed organic chemistry, a requirement for medical school. Engineering programs teach logic and problem solving. Important requirements for becoming a doctor.”

National-Oilwell Varco participated in the exhibit hall for the third year in a row.  Joud Ahmad, Public Relations Specialist, said that she was “impressed” with the kids. She found them focused, very polite and said that they “ask smart questions.” 

FBISD Superintendent, Dr. Charles Dupre gave an inspirational speech as the Keynote Speaker.  He encouraged students to strive to live a life that will fulfill them and make them “happy to get out of bed and go to work each day.”  He discussed the importance of developing strong friendships with good people and refusing to allow either hardship or entitlement to be a barrier to working at their own personal best level. He advised them to never let anyone convince them that they are not good enough to go after their dreams.  Dr. Dupre encouraged patience in working toward goals, sharing his own personal struggles and reassured them that no matter what their situation is right now, they can achieve a happy, fulfilling life through hard work and perseverance.