Brazoswood High School Rocketry Program Takes Off

The largest rocket Brazoswood High School has ever produced at 28-pounds and 8 feet long flew to 4141 feet, powered by a Hypertek L610 rocket motor producing 235 pounds of thrust.  After reaching 375 miles per hour, both parachutes deployed exactly as designed and the rocket landed unharmed.

A thrust plate, designed by Lainey Scott and Cameron Davies, is the critical part that transfers thrust force from the rocket motor to the rocket body.  This thrust plate, and another used on the transonic rocket, was made by Murray Griffin (Production Manager) and Mark Corriveau (Master Machinist) with Texas Industrial Products in Richwood. Many thanks to Texas Industrial Products for supporting the Rocketry Program at BISD. Submitted by: Dale Hobbs, Brazoswood High School, preAP Chemistry & Rocket Engineering.

Photo:  Left to right in the picture is Murray Griffin (holding the thrust plate), Mark Corriveau, Dylan Stewart, Cameron Davies and Lainey Scott.


Rocketry Program,Brazosport ISD