Brazosport Independent School District Names Teachers of the Year

The 2017-2018 Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year were named for the

first time during the annual BISD Employee Recognition Dinner event on May 11, 2017.

Congratulations go to Elementary Teacher of the Year Amanda Martinez, from Stephen

F. Austin STEM Academy and Secondary Teacher of the Year Paula Bailey, from Clute

Intermediate School.


Amanda Martinez and Paula Bailey, both graduates of BISD, always knew that they

wanted to be teachers. Both teachers are passionate about public education and believe

that building positive relationships with each child is the fundamental foundation for

learning. To foster positive connections with their students, both teachers strive to

create rich and relevant learning experiences.


Mrs. Martinez, a 2nd grade teacher shares that she is “always looking for fun and

inventive lessons to incorporate into the classroom for my students to have authentic

learning experiences.” This year, Amanda and her colleague created a STEAM project

called the Three Little Pigs. In this assignment, the challenge for her young students

was to read different versions of the children’s story and incorporate what they had

learned in building a house that would withstand the wind from the Big Bad Wolf while

using the engineering process. The students learned a great deal about the field of

architecture while working collaboratively on their projects.


“Relevance is a key component in any strong lesson, as students need something

relatable to fully comprehend and find value in a concept,” states Bailey, a 7th grade

math teacher. With this belief in mind, Paula builds her lessons around real life



Fir example, she uses the Sunday newspaper ads to teach her students

how to get the best deal - more for their money; a concept related directly to their

everyday lives. Paula expressed that “It was in this activity that I saw many light bulbs

go off, as they weren’t solving a fictitious scenario, but something that would benefit



BISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Amanda Martinez and BISD Secondary Teacher of

the Year Paula Bailey are making a difference every day in the lives of children in BISD.

These two dedicated educators are truly setting the standard for educational excellence

in their schools, our district and throughout the state.


Martinez and Bailey will represent Brazosport ISD this summer in the Houston area’s

2017-18 Region IV Education Service Center’s Teacher of the Year Competition.

2017-18 BISD Campus Teachers of the Year:

Amanda Martinez, S. F. Austin STEM Academy

Elementary Teachers of the Year:

Narlene Plank, AP Beutel Elementary

Cathy Evans, Bess Brannen Elementary

Brandye Roland, Elisabet Ney Elementary

Pamela Vonderheide, Gladys Polk Elementary

Jessica Mitchell-Navarro, Jane Lang Elementary

Madison Basinger, Madge Griffith Elementary

Elva Arroyo, OA Fleming Elementary

Lisa Diehl, OM Roberts Elementary

Jamie McCurdy, TW Ogg Elementary

Rosalind Ramsey, Velasco Elementary

Liz Fambrough, R O’Hara Lanier Middle School

Cassandra Barrera, Grady Rasco Middle School

Paula Bailey, Clute Intermediate

Secondary Teacher of the Year:

Michelle Hubbell, Freeport Intermediate

Tara Rice, Lake Jackson Intermediate

Troy Day, Brazosport High School

Vanessa Richardson, Brazoswood High School

Willane Charles, B*Success Academy

Joe Sanford, Lighthouse Learning Cent


Featured Photo:  Amanda Martinez

Photo 2: Paula Bailey

Amanda Martinez
Paula Bailey