Alvin Independent School District: Targeting Alvin Graduates With “Ready, Set, Teach”

To obtain the best teachers around, the Alvin ISD Human Resources (HR) team is starting early. For the first time, the HR team is recruiting their youngest class to date; high school students.

“We strive for excellence in Alvin ISD and are confident that our graduates are the best of the best, and will be extremely successful in their chosen careers,” said Kim Alvarez, Alvin ISD director of HR. “That’s why we want them here.”

The district is excited to guarantee students who are enrolled in the Ready, Set, Teach program, an interview upon successful completion of obtaining their college degree, and meeting state requirements for educators.

The Ready, Set, Teach program is a part of the Career and Technical Education curriculum, and occurs as a part of the Instructional Practice in Education class.

The program is a field-based internship that provides students a background knowledge of child and adolescent development principles, as well as principles of effective teaching practices. Students enrolled in the program have a desire to become educators, and have proven themselves worthy through the completion of the program.

The 2016-17 participants had the opportunity to teach at various campuses across the district for a year, which allowed them to determine if teaching is the right field for them.

Twelve Manvel High School students and two Alvin High School students were honored with a special recognition that included their family members and various staff members who have supported them along the way.

Dr. Bobby Martinez, principal of Manvel High School said, “These students have chosen a career path that is extremely rewarding, and for years to come they are going to do great things. They will have limitless opportunities to leave a lasting impression on generations of students.”

At Manvel High School Marisa Carreon, Emily Curnutt, Kai Dunbar, Taia Garza, Imone Harris, Tobie Johnstone, Cheyanne Kulak, Julianna Lopez, Yelitza Martinez, Mazel Salazar, Anavelia Salina, and Tatyana Wright were honored.

At Alvin High School seniors Katherine Andrade and Meaghan Moehle were honored for their commitment and dedication.

“These students have made a commitment to the field of education, and we’re making a commitment to them. Once they obtain their degree we are going to offer them the opportunity to come back and interview,” said Martinez.

Alvin ISD faculty and staff are focused on ensuring that students are provided engaging learning opportunities that allow for their goal’s to be achievable. The placement of students in the Ready, Set, Teach program, and the offering of an interview to the participants, is just one more way that district leaders are exhibiting their confidence and belief in the students that are products of Alvin ISD.


Photo: From left to right from Manvel High School (Photo: Ready Set Teach Participants) are: Dr. Bobby Martinez (Manvel High School Principal), Marisa Carreon, Emily Curnutt, Imone Harris, Kai Dunbar, Tobie Johnstone, Cheyanne Kulak, Kim Alvarez (Director of HR), Christina Rice Imumwen (Director of CTE), Mazel Salazar, Taia Garza, Anavelia Salinas, Tatyana Wright, Julianna Lopez, and Manvel High School teachers, Pennie Yancey and Tiffanie van Sant.

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