Alvin Community College Student Named National Hispanic Scholar

Every year, millions of high school students sit down to take the SATs, an entrance exam required by most universities. Alvin Community College Upward Bound student Sofia Aguilar recently took the test and her 1340 score was one of the highest in the country for Hispanic students.

Out of 250,000 Hispanic students who took the SATs recently, Sofia Aguilar, a senior at Alvin High School, placed among the top 2 percent. She was named a National Hispanic Scholar for the distinction.

So far, Aguilar has received $20,000 in scholarships for her education pursuits.

Aguilar joined the Upward Bound program as a freshman and has flourished in the program, director Regan Metoyer said. She is currently ranked seventh academically among the 539 seniors at her school. Aguilar was also named Student of the Year in Upward Bound in 2016.

“She had so much drive and ambition that I knew she would excel in anything she put her mind to,” Metoyer said. “She is an outstanding student and will be the first in her family to attend college.”

Aguilar plans to attend the University of Texas in Austin to pursue a degree in Nursing. Aguilar said she was inspired to become a nurse because of her mother.

“My mother works in the healthcare field and she has shared her experiences with patients and helping them,” Aguilar said. “I want to do that too. I want to be part of the reason why someone feels better and can go home to their families and loved ones. My overall goal is to become a nurse practitioner it carries more responsibility and I have a much bigger impact with my patients.””