All Presbyterian School Odyssey of the Mind Teams Win TOP THREE Places in Regional Tournament and Advance to State Finals

Presbyterian School scored huge at the February 25th Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament with every eligible team placing in the TOP THREE of their division's problem.

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade Team (1st place), 4th Grade Team A (2nd place), 4th Grade Team B (3rd place), 5th Grade Team (1st place) and 6th Grade Team (3rd place). And to top off these wins, the 5th Grade Team ​​also won the highest award a team can win at Odyssey of the Mind, the Ranatra Fusca Award for Creativity, which is given to the team who brings the most creative solution to competition. These teams will move on to the Texas State Finals at Waller High School on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

With six Odyssey of the Mind teams, Presbyterian School was a dominating presence. Each team, composed of 5-7 students, tackled a long-term problem for six months and brought their solutions to competition at the Regional Tournament.  While parent volunteers coached each team, the team could not receive any adult or “outside assistance” in presenting a solution to their long-term problem.  There were more than fifty other schools that participated in the tournament.

The Second Grade Team coached by Lori Cook and Krishali Hoffman included Lala Cook, Alexia Hoffman, Sadie Lawrence, Kylie Holmes, Finley White and Simone Cook. This team presented a performance about a group moving out of one place into another.  This problem is named, "Movin' Out" and features  a creative "glittery" performance about a group of genies and their pets moving out of their bottle to another location- the beach.  Judges commented on how well the team worked together and how animated they were! The Second Grade team is a member of the Primary Division which is not eligible to participate in the State Finals.

The Third Grade Team coached by  Anne Godinich and Farzanah Gangjee included Asa Gangjee, Julia Godinich, Ivy Fallon, Nathan Kim, Khang Le, Eli Mayer and Luke Vargheese. This team won First Place in their problem, "A Superhero Cliffhanger!" The delivery and timing of their lines as well as the sets clearly impressed the judges. Judging comments shared that this team’s enthusiasm was infectious!

The Fourth Grade Team A coached by Frances Rambo and Suneeta Nidamarthy included Bennett Hendricks, Talulah Monthy, Anna Morrison, Rohan Nidamarthy, Sohan Nidamarthy, Rachel Rambo and Izzie Song. This team had the problem, "It's Time, Omer" and won Second Place in their problem. The rapping and improvisation was very cool! Judges commented that they worked very well together as a team.

The Fourth Grade Team B coached by Andrea Richardson, Andrea Lawless and Garvin Davis included Dylan Davis, Katie Coogan, Nate Lawless, Campbell Richardson, Max Harris and Aidan Murphy. This team presented "Odd-a-Bot" and overcame a lot of obstacles to receive a Third Place win!  This problem requires the building of a robot which must move in four new ways like a human to perform a task. The judges were blown away by the style elements being brought together their incredibly creative set.

The Fifth Grade Team coached by Lisa Ehrlich, Lori Hendricks and Kara Trail included Blair Davis, Makayla Harris, Hayden Hawes, Harrison Hendricks, Marshall Malone, Eliott Smythe and Matthew Trail. This team presented the problem, " Catch Us If You Can."  The team had to create and build multiple vehicles that travel different routes.  During the performance, the team also presented a simulation of a scene taking place inside  of a vehicle as it travelled and a soundtrack. This team so impressed the judges that they not only won First Place, but was also awarded the "The Ranatra Fusca Award for Creativity," the highest award a team can win in Odyssey of the Mind. The judges from the high school division came down to sit with them afterwards, to hear how they engineered their vehicles.

The Sixth Grade Team coached by Amy Horton and Vera Hasham included Anayla Wilson, Jessica Horton, Sierra Ondo, Margaret Ellison, Charlie Guscott and Luke Hawash. This team presented "A Superhero Cliffhanger" in a higher age division and won Third Place! Their humorous and creative solution along with costume design really impressed the judges.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that encourages children to think creatively and solve problems without any outside assistance from adults.  Children learn how to brainstorm, organize, be creative with materials and work as a team.  Students apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics.