All about M/I Homes with Amanda Rackliff - by

We had the upmost pleasure of speaking with Amanda Rackliff, Marketing Manager for M/I Homes. Amanda has been with M/I for close to a year, and is excited to be a part of their team. Rackliff explained that about two years ago Triumph Homes merged with M/I Homes, and they have been part of their family ever since. This was a great opportunity for M/I to expand in the Houston market. M/I Homes, a corporation founded in 1976, has built nearly 90,000 homes across the nation


HNG: We see that M/I Homes is spread out pretty well covering most of the Houston area – how is M/I Homes best assisting the influx of relocations to the area? 

Amanda: Our land team does an awesome job of analyzing current and prospective land deals throughout the greater Houston area. Clearly, M/I focuses on areas we know businesses will be relocating or expanding, much like the new 389-acre ExxonMobil Campus off of 45 in north Houston, just south of The Woodlands. As an example, only three miles west of the campus, we will start pre-selling in McKenzie Park in April. This is our first Showcase Collection community, and will feature luxury homes in every sense of the word, with a full array of unique, premium finishes in a truly great setting and we are very excited about the opportunity. 


HNG: How is M/I Homes dealing with the shortage of real estate right now in the Houston area? 

Amanda: Like most of our peers, we are working diligently with our subcontractors and suppliers to make things as efficient as they can be given the current environment. It’s a great problem to have given the alternative and where relocations really help in these times. 


HNG: Tell us more about “Whole Homes” that M/I Homes offers. 

Amanda: The Whole Home program is all-inclusive.. Top to bottom…border to border. It includes everything about your home – not just interior but exterior as well, where we take special measures to manage water flow and drainage in the yard. Think of your home, and put a tucked-in blanket over it (theoretically) that’s what the Whole Home product is. It’s money saving and energy saving, from the roof to below the ground. We want the home to be as energy efficient as possible. 


HNG: We see that M/I Homes has a pretty extensive design center. What information can you give to people relocating about all their different options? 

Amanda: Well, when a home is purchased before framing is complete, the buyers are provided with design sessions (based upon the home series purchased), with a distinguished group of professional decorators and designers. These professionals will assist the new homeowners in choosing everything from the type of carpeting, to paint colors, fixtures and cabinetry based upon their needs and family lifestyle. We believe in giving the customer the opportunity to truly personalize their home, and make it uniquely their own. 


HNG: “Hot Pick Homes” – ready in 60 Days? - How can someone contact you all about those? 

Amanda: The best way is to go to our website, Through the website, inquiries can be sent to our Internet Sales Manager, Karen Schieb, or by contacting the community directly. 


HNG: What do you think sets M/I Homes apart from all the other homebuilders in the city? We want to hear why you are so unique. 

Amanda: I think that is two-fold. It started with founders Melvin and Irving Schottenstein (which is what M/I stands for) and “treating the Customer Right.” The thought process for our team is, “If this was my home, how would I want to build it” and “if this were my home how would I want the builder to treat me?” What started as a family-owned company, M/I has grown in to a national leader, building homes in 10 states across the nation, 

Secondly, our product. Our homes are designed with a unique architectural flair. Additionally, M/I incorporate many options on all our designs to afford our customers flexibility to fit their individual needs and lifestyles. 


HNG: M/I Homes offers M/I Finance, give us some information on that. 

Amanda: Every person has different challenges and needs. We strongly encourage our homebuyers to use M/I Financial, our in-house financial solution. M/I Financial works exclusively with M/I Home buyers – so our clients get the satisfaction of competitive rates and options rather than dealing with lenders who don’t specialize in hew homes. MI Financial takes a lot of pride in making their paper work, processing and loan approval as fast, and as seamless as possible.