10 Facts about Houston you may not know! - By HoustonNewcomerGuides.com

We are excited that you are concidering Houston to be your new home - and thought that you may enjoy these interesting facts.  Some things you may or may not know, but I think our particular favorite of this list would have to be number 3.  Can you believe how large our city is!  

Fact 1
When the Apollo 11 moon lander touched down, Neil Armstrong said, "Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed," making "Houston" the first word said on the moon.

Fact 2
Houston is larger as a city than the entire state of Maryland.

Fact 3
The total area of Houston is so large, it could contain the cities of New York, Boston, and San Francisco at the same time.

Fact 4
Houston has some strange laws, among them: one cannot sell Limburger cheese on Sundays.

Fact 5
If you love going to restaurants, Houston may be your city. Residents of Houston eat out more times a week than in any other city in America.

Fact 6
A common myth about Houston is that the city was founded by Sam Houston, a statesman and general who won popularity after the Battle of San Jacinto. In fact, founders Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen honored Sam Houston by naming the city after him.

Fact 7
Near the center of Houston, Interstates 45 and 10 intersect. This is almost the exact spot that Houston's founders, the Allen brothers, settled.

Fact 8
The first-ever domed stadium was built in Houston.

Fact 9
The names of Houston's sports teams are all after features of space--the Astros, the Aeros, the Comets--except for their football team, the Texans.

Fact 10
Houston was one of the largest providers of shelter following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, welcoming more than 150,000 New Orleans residents.

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