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Eric W. Pohl is an award-winning photographer and freelance writer specializing in Texas travel and outdoors. From the natural landscape to the urban landscape, he harnesses the perfect light and his unique perspective to tell a visual story. It's through his vibrant images and writings that he shares his passion for the spirited history, culture and ecology of the Lone Star State. 

Eric prefers creating vibrant images of intimate places with perspective and sense of depth. His search for the ideal fusion of light and subject matter takes him everywhere from quiet mountain canyons and winding streams to endless backroads and small town main streets. It's those places, off the beaten path, where his best work comes to life. 

His photos and articles have appeared in numerous books, websites and magazines including Camping Life, Here Is Houston, Houston Business Journal, Nature Friend, Texas Highways, Texas Live and Wildflower Magazine. His images and narrative tell the story of Houston in, Houston: A Photographic Portrait — available in stores and online beginning in Spring 2014. 

Native to Houston, Eric now lives in Austin with his wife and three dogs. In addition to his commercial, editorial, and fine art photography, he also works as a graphic designer and web professional.


I began exploring my artistic creativity at an early age through drawing, painting and other mediums. My first experience with photography came in my early teens. My Dad unknowingly set into motion what would become a lifelong obsession behind the lens. At the ripe age of 12, he loaned me an old Olympus OM10 SLR camera. And everything changed. 

Growing up in Houston — wedged in the urban sprawl of an ever-growing metropolis — a natural companion to my early photographic endeavors was my affinity for the outdoors and Texas travel. A camera was never far from reach as we embarked on family trips or summer getaways at our family's country acreage — a welcomed respite from city life, nestled on the banks of the Lavaca River. 

Today, those early impressions still fuel and influence my photographic style.

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