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The West Houston Association, founded in 1979, is the first suburban development group to pursue public policies that enhance the quality of life and economic development in the 1,000-square mile Greater West Houston area. We are developers and major employers with related interests combined to advocate for improved mobility, better infrastructure and a sustainable, quality living environment for the region.

The West Houston Association’s solution for the reconstruction of Interstate 10 West leveraged the combined resources of the Harris County Toll Road Authority and TxDOT such that Interstate 10 West will be rebuilt in six years instead of the originally proposed 12 year plan. The solution follows the success of the WHA’s initiative for the West Park Toll Road, and has quickly become an admired and emulated model for future mobility projects.

WHA was instrumental in getting the Sam Houston Toll Road and Grand Parkway designated as scenic, billboard-free thoroughfares. WHA has long advocated for scenic improvement and green space in West Houston, enhancing the quality of the area that has been the region’s prime growth factor. The association’s efforts have helped West Houston develop the nation’s largest urban park system covering more than 28,000 acres and an extensive system of walking trails. WHA also played a leading role in bringing the University of Houston System to West Houston. Today, the University of Houston at Cinco Ranch offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates.

The Association published West Houston Plan 2050: Envisioning Greater West Houston at Mid-Century, which assesses the expected population and employment growth of the region and the needed infrastructure to accommodate that growth. The Plan presents a likely land use scenario for 2050 and ways to improve mobility; flood control and drainage; education; water and wastewater services; conservation and open spaces; residential and commercial developments; and infrastructure rehabilitation.

The Association works actively through committees in the following areas: Transportation; Drainage and Flood Control; Water & Wastewater; Education; Conservation & Open Space; Quality Planned Communities; and Infrastructure Rehabilitation. For more information call 713-461-9378 or visit www.westhouston.org.