The Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County

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The Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County is a public/private non-profit corporation specifically chartered to promote economic development in Brazoria County.

The Alliance follows a formal strategic plan that emphasizes three distinct strategies to accomplish our mission: 1.) Target Industry Recruitment; 2.) Business Retention and Expansion; and 3.) Image and Media.

In the first strategy of target industry and recruitment, the strategic plan recognizes that economic development in today's global environment dictates that regions can only recruit to their strengths. In Brazoria county those strengths include, but are not limited to, our professional workforce, our proximity to Houston, our petrochemical industries, our excellent education system, both at the secondary and higher education levels, our transportation network, and our land. Based on these strengths, we target the following industries for recruitment:


Chemical suppliers

Transportation equipment




Professional Services



In the second strategy of business retention and expansion the Alliance works to support growing businesses and act as an ombudsman for local business generally, by identifying their issues and needs. We also assess and design programs that can respond to specific business needs and then provide ongoing evaluation and reporting.

Our third strategy of mounting an image and media campaign includes our renaming the organization. This was done to better reflect what we do, economic development. We also engage in both internal and external image and marketing campaigns.

The Alliance is set up as a business corporation with a three tier membership. The Alliance is involved in issues that affect the county as a whole and are considered essential to promote economic development. These issues include drainage, transportation, water, environmental quality, and other issues as considered necessary by the members.